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Just decided to listen to The Works and A Kind Of Magic back to back.

Best.Decision.Of.The.Day. :heart:

grafik grafik


From the The “don’t tell me it’s monday again!” thread I’ve loaded for you the song that talks about the weekend – adding english subtitles.

The video is 25 years old (1993).


Blocked in my country on copyright grounds by WMG. Onoez!


It’s copyright Warner. Damn.
Edit: the video has been blocked in all the world. Fantastic.
Edit 2: @Frenzie I’ve uploaded it on Vimeo, with hardcoded subtitles. It should work now. Go to my previous post, please. Thanks.


It helps me relax…


Funny, since yesterday I’ve been listening to the whole Queen discography in order and I got to The Game, so (given I’ll skip Hot Space because I really really dislike it) those two will be the next ones tomorrow.

There’s a reason why I’m on a Queen full immersion (well, other than that’s always good to be on a Queen full immersion, of course). Monday night I asked my daughter (the 2yo) what she wanted me to sing her as a lullaby. She said, “the Winx”, which is a cartoon about teenage fairies. I was puzzled and she kept asking for the Winx, until she said “those you always sing that make me sleep”.
“You mean the Queen?”
“Yes, the Winx!”
So I began singing Bohemian Rhapsody and she was happy.


Not Queen at all but as a child I always felt a relationship between the Highlander soundtrackA Kind of Magic and this:


Kids just love that middle part!
:notes: I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche! Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango?..
And especially the “Galileo” part of it!


Not only kids:


How come this is not on your YouTube channel yet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Andrà tutto bene (883)
= Everything will be alright


Ahhh, 883 have so many nice songs :relaxed: :notes:


Let me say this…

If you have a strong dislike for Element Of Crime (the german band not the Lars Von Trier movie they are named after) I don´t think we can ever be true friends.


Hmm… :speaker: :notes: :thinking:
…oh good, we’re safe then :smile:


:smile: :clap: a classic!


You can buy the new Eminem album on tape.

I’m tempted.

Edit: bleurgh, shipping from the US is about as much as the item. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Boudewijn de Groot – Meneer de president

Incidentally, I just noticed this on my oldest (?) Boudewijn de Groot CD:

I bought it new in '04 or '05, so it’s hardly from the “West Germany” era. I’m guessing they just didn’t bother changing it for reprints.

Whatever happened to Philips records?


Philips Records has been part of Universal Music since 1998, the name continuing to be licensed from the label’s former parent company. In 1999, Philips Classics was absorbed into the Decca Music Group, and Philips recording and mastering operations in the Netherlands were shut down. Former employees bought the Philips Recording Center in Baarn, Netherlands, and formed Polyhymnia International (a recording and mastering company) and Pentatone Records (which specializes in SACD releases).[4]