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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood


And those pesky austrians trying to take south tyrol from you without asking first.


Back in the end of the 80s, there was a horizontal scrolling shoot’em up game which had a fantastic intro music. When I loaded that game, on my Amiga 500, I stood still, listening to the intro music.

Best listened with hearphones, since it’s a real 2-channels split.

R-Type, composed by Chris Hülsbeck.


I liked the C64 version more. :slight_smile: The orchestral version of the Amiga intro isn’t bad too:

btw: You can buy all versions and various remixes (made by Chris) on Bandcamp:


Never heard before. I’m listening to it now, it’s totally different from the Amiga one.


Indeed. :slight_smile: I don’t know why they haven’t converted the Amiga intro music to the C64 (or vice versa). But most of the other Rainbow Arts games used different tunes on the Amiga and the C64. One example is the Turrican series where the C64 music is completely different.


To me, the Turrican tune is ONLY the one of the Amiga Version:




Yes, IMHO the Turrican Amiga music is definitely better than the C64 version. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but that C64 intro speech is still a classic!


Oh, yes! Some in-game tunes are also very good. :slight_smile:


Which Turrican game was it the basically lifted tunes from the Transformers movie? Was it the second one?


It was the intro of the first game:

/edit: btw: On the “Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1” is a Vince DiCola - Transformers Medley 2013 :slight_smile:





And I even have that! :open_mouth:


I’m late, but my song-of-the-day from last thursday to saturday was:


That really is such a great theme tune (though I prefer the older shrieky midi versions :wink: ) Having heard it a lot lately with these threads I’m wondering if I even prefer it over Maniac Mansion, which until now was my favourite LucasArts theme.

Your favourite LucasArts song

But your phone played Monkey Island theme all the time :thinking:


True, only when a new message arrived. But my mind was always focused on Zak McKracken, it couldn’t be otherwise.