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How is the weather (right now)




32 degrees
(90 for those in the US)


Here in the old Campania Felix, for now temperatures are not so high. In the shade we’ve not yet reached 30 degrees.
But last year summer was so damn hot! The hottest I can remember since 1998 (when basically I sat and sweated doing nothing!)

Anyway it is not only the air temperature, but also air relative humidity that influences our perception of heat. At the moment, first floor, tuffaceous external walls, windows closed:

26.8 Celsius degrees
57 % Relative humidity

Really nice, I feel fine. I love these conditions for summer, but I know it is pretty rare here, especially during the last years (global warming and climate change) We also live surrounded by plants by choice, with an hedera to help with bioclimatic control of sun radiation on facades, that together with natural porous stone walls with adequate thickness help to control the heat. We couldn’t do it differently, since no one here likes air/conditioning, we use fans when it’s too hot.


But you had a very cold winter?

Please send it to us!
btw: For a (shocking) second I thought the temperatures are Celsius… :wink: (Ah, @Sushi had the very same shocking moment ;-))

The weather of London would be perfect for me! (If I only could speak English…)


:laughing: I’ll teach ya some cockney, guv.


Does that mean you would except of @tasse-tee to speak german with you, should you ever meet? :thinking:


Arrrrrr! (*)

(*) I don’t know the right answer, so I just used that. :wink:

I will speak of course my perfect fake Italian with a heavy German accent!



And it isn’t the first time… (sorry for :point_right: -ing out )


It isn´t? Well exsqueeeeeeeze meeeeeeeeee if I cannot fullfill your exceptional expectations of my excellent education.

We have great saying in germany:

“Wer Rechtschreibfehler findet, darf sie behalten.”


Yeah I have hig standarts and exceptations for your englisch, as you usualie do write it very well.
I am as surprised to see Kate turning a blind eye.

So where do want to be squeeeezed now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since she liked your post, I assume that she didn´t. I know you prefer her pointing out my mistakes over us just getting along good, so sorry for nowl


Absolutely not!


And I wrote misstakes. It´s just too hot here…



You got a game for everything, huh?



Hey, if I pointed out every single mistake made by anyone I’d have no time to post anything else, and I’d also have no friends :wink: And I don’t mean that in a critical way - it’s human to make mistakes I’m an :alien:


:notes: I’m a :balance_scale: :alien:
:notes: I’m an Englishman in NY
:ear: :snake:


In my line of work, there is no excuse for me to do any mistakes in English… Nor in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian… So, please do correct me.

I really have to note that the only language I have any knowledge of is Finnish. And the language so difficult I failed it at school.