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How is the weather (right now)


My German isn’t that good to judge if it is the case or not, but that saying should be always misspelled on purpose, just to mindf*** with whoever reads it. :grin:


Now you have tickled our curiosity (well mine at least)… what line of work do you do then?


That would be like supermeta!


Create marketing materials to EMEA, CEE, CIS areas. It’s not like I should understand all the languages, but have done the job so long I notice the mistakes quickly. And as I have notified my clients about these mistakes, they tend to rely on me too much. I try to tell them I’m not the one to spot the mistakes, but…


Great, hours under the sun to see hectolitres of melted wax…


Well it was very cold in the chamber of horrors…and loud…all those screams…I think I´m having PTSD right now! :scream:


Yes, if the humidity doesn’t change too much, I can feel those three degrees, because I start to lose my braaaaain past that limit :stuck_out_tongue:

I could do that for just a minute. After that, if I’m sweaty, I start to feel ill…


I was rather saying that it’s a small step between your ideal temperature and the one where you think it is way too hot (not really whether you can feel the small increments).
Personally I think 18-20 degrees is fine if you’re moving, 20-22 is ideal when your sitting idle, 23-27 is ideal for relaxing with a drink. 28-30 mandates a drink 31-33 add some icecream and anything above 33 is just too darn hot.
So for me there is almost 10 degrees between the ideal temperature and the meltdown.

I think it is also a psychological thing. 18 degrees in winter inside feels chilly, while in summer it feels great. (Vice versa for 24 degrees)


I just took a long walk since 25° seemed perfect for that. I remember thinking only a few weeks ago that any temperature that is +1x° is just too chilly. Right after we got the 30 to 34-degree heat wave. Are my thoughts therefore controlling this universe? I think we might be in some sort of a computer simulation… Nah, too far fetched. Who in their right mind would think that!


If you thinking cooler, is gonna help things there should be no harm in trying.

Come on now, think cooler! :sunglasses:


You are right. When winter is approaching, 5° is frigging cold! When spring is at hand, 5° is soooo warm.


That’s because of the different wind and air temperatures, the different humidity and the wind speed (in the different seasons). On some snowy mountains you can sweat too. :wink:

And it´s so hot I´m starting to pixelate real badly!



I’m thinking of a cooler…

Now where is my cooler?


Then watch out for Ray and Reyes!

You can use the fridge as a replacement.


Maybe you need to specify what kind of cooler. Like thinking of “dryer” might not be enough if you want a “hairdryer” or something…


Yes, I agree with you, during the whole year. But I was talking about summer here, when it is rare to expect temperatures below 26 degrees during the day. Here is midnight and it’s still 27 degrees… I haven’t considered lower temperatures at all.


Only Poopsi Max in there…



Glowing Clouds

He simply couldn´t be bothered.