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How is the weather (right now)


UK weather. Doesn’t rain properly for months, then starts chucking it down when I’m going to a Summer party. Standard :woman_shrugging:


Here the sky is completely clean.
I will post pictures of the super moon.


Would be cool if some of you guys could alert me…like just write: “Go up to your attic, Milan!” or something…




It´s not even dark enough yet. I think I have to wait another hour in germany, too. But thanks. :upside_down_face:


Go, Milan, go! Run to the attic! No, no, leave everything and just go! Now!
I’ll run to the hills (although it’s still bright as a day in here). Meet us here after The Great Shadow has passed!


How far up north in the country are you? Somewhere where it doesn´t get completly dark at this time of year?


Well, I have no idea what´s going on here…



The Northern Sky:
"Hey, I think it’s time for some rain, dont’cha think? Ooooo, and how about a little thunder n’ ligntnin’? Not like there’s anythin’ else to see up here tonight, amirite?

The Sky is taunting me :upside_down_face:


gasp I just realised The Great Shadow is US! (as the whole planet, not United States alone)

In the middle. Well, 100 km to the North of the exact middle. During the midsummer the sun won’t go down at all in here, but now it gets dark for about two hours.


Well, this lightning is putting on a great show. Flashes of purple, and horizontal bolts stretching right across the sky!!! :astonished:


Well seems like you get the more exciting show than I do (can you maybe film it on your phone or something?)

At the moment it´s dark and far off in the distance I see a source of light with brings me to the conclusion that the moon must be


Pics/slow motion videos?


Well, it isn’t too bright, bit what’d you expect from a lunar eclipse?

(Also cell phone, so I can’t do long exposures)


That´s what mine looked like when I took them in austria in 2011.

The moon was mooning us back then:

Ass Moon


The lightning’s stopped now.


That looks more like a giant peach!


Oh yeah, that too. With the colour and everything.


Ok, so if the sky clears fast enough you can still see it!

I also like the stars / milky way I can see better now that full moon is dimmed.


These clouds aren’t going anywhere, it seems.

Jealous! :astonished: :sparkles: