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How is the weather (right now)


The juice, the leaf, the hairy skin?
Just admit you couldn’t take a picture and decided to fake it by throwing a peach in the air!



Use hairblower on clouds

(that doesn’t seem to work)


You got me, it´s a picture of my ass actually.


My eyes!!!

Well, it looks smooth as peach! :stuck_out_tongue:


Why thank you! Wanna know how I keep it literally shiny like that?


Let me guess: a weekly waxing?


Correct, but I alernate it with waning every two weeks.




Funniest badaboom ever!! :joy:

Meanwhile, the left part of the moon is shining, which is actually more beautiful than the full red moon.



Sushi set it up, I turned it into a goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.


Oops! It is ba-dum-tss!
You’ll need another gif/meme :smile:


Moon and Mars

Sorry if I have been a little late, we were at a Luna Park with the children.


The moon was low and pretty much the same colour as the sky here, but could see the shadowed part also.
Photo (phone camera, so not so good quality) taken at 0:32 local time:


Taken with a little telescope (by my brother)


Whats that other thing down there on the right?`


Oh look who FINALLY decided to show his round face now!


That actually looks a lot like the Death Star over the moon of Endor…


Your butt again?



So here is the deal. I can see the stupid moon just turning up far away in the west. This makes little sense since that would moon that it is about 3 - 4 hours late. And how can the moon be late? Fact is I can see it now and I see a little bit of black on the right side which is the very rest that is supposed to be gone by 1 am or so.

Too bad my phone lense cannot really capture that either. So anyway…