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How is the weather (right now)


Short question to all of you who are freaking out at the moment: Have you never seen a “Blood Moon” in your life? It isn’t such a rare phenomenon. Or am I just old? :thinking:


No no, it is not rare at all. I´ve seen one in 2011. The only rare thing is the unsual lenght(of the occurance). That is all.


We had a super blue blood moon in January if I remember correctly.

Super moon : a full moon when it is BIG (literally closer to earth)

Blue: when it is the second full moon in the same month

Blood : when it is reddish in color


And that phenomenon is the most interesting and most impressive IMHO. :slight_smile:


And also really frequent actually. But it just looks cool. I remember walking down the old railroad tracks in September 2010. It was the Super Harvest Moon. It was awesome! :full_moon:


Come to think of it, it probably is the Death Star, because I think the moon should have been a lot more to the left at that moment…

“Oh, shit. There goes the planet.”
Spaceballs, 1987




Why am I thinking Maniac Mansion right now…


Some nice images of the blood moon
The one in Dresden is funny!


Rudy Giuliani on any regular day…


OThis morning it was nicely sunny, here on the Italian Alps. Just some scattered clouds that covered the sun from time to time, just what we needed to avoid overheating. So we decided to have some nice hiking.

Our plan?
Start at 10.00, climb up some gentle slope which brings us to a very small village 330 meters above (one hour), then walk alongside the ridge of the mountain, get to a beautiful vista, stop for picnic, go on walking until we meet another path going down (two hours), then take a steep path which takes us through the forest right at the spot were we started (one hour). 8 kilometers walk, 330 meters of climbing up and down, back to our car at 2pm. The weather forecasts say there will be a storm at 3pm, so we should be safe.

What really happened?
During the climb it was really hot. No clouds. Just sweat. Then we started our walk on the ridge. Lovely for 20 minutes. Then rain. We thought it were just two drops. We continued our walk. When we got to the vista, we ate quickly our wet panini. We went on with our walk, and it was clear the storm decided to come earlier than expected. The vista was just… you know, grey. All around us only thunders, cats and dogs (not literally). Then we arrived to the steep path down, which was actually a mud stream. We got to our car erlier than expected, since we didn’t take too much time to relax up there. As soon as I unlocked the car, the sun came out again. Now it’s past 4pm, and no sign of the supposed 3pm storm.

We enjoyed our hiking anyway.


The moon last night at my place. Gozer is coming…


Obviously it didn’t rain anymore, until we decided we had to buy food for dinner and went out for shopping. We had another beeping shower.


I would thank god if it would rain here! We have these tiny little Bob Ross clouds, that refuse to rain.

Can’t you travel to northern Germany? Maybe the rain is following you?



Want! :+1:


Now we’re at home again. And it’s not raining. :unamused:



What are those orange circles? They look like balloons.


What’s orange, big and round?

I know!