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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀

Cold space
  Death behind every corner
  Falling again


I think SQ3 is maybe the least contentious one - most people seem to rate it highly even if it’s not their absolute favourite.


At least we´ve reached a point where it looks a lot like Indy 3 or Loom or Monkey 1 which came out around the same time.


There is a big leap in graphics and sound with SQ4… especially the amazingly sarcastic narrator voice (Gary Owens), whose delivery is one of the funniest things in the entire series.
(…now that I think about it, maybe the reason I rate 4 and 6 so highly is because of the narrator…)


There are remakes of SQ 1 and at least the first 3 Kings Quest games that also have narration. Is that the same guy? Actually when I played The Cave for the first time I thought this was also him, since the infliction and style was very much like him. That guy is hilarious!


I don’t think those are Gary Owens, but it’s in “the style” of him (he was doing that kind of thing since the 1960s)…
I wish there was more of the narrator in The Cave, that was one of the really strong points!


Just checked: the name of the King´s Quest narrator is John Bell and narrator of The Cave is Stephen Stanton.

They´re all great, but I think they do a distinct sort of style that I really like.




Is this like that… was it a Larry game? Or maybe King’s Quest? Where you had to walk on some cliffs or something and the controls were really finicky so you kept plummeting to your death? I’m talking pre-VGA here, probably Sierra, but maybe some other title than KQ/Larry.

(Yeah, that’s not much to go on, is it. :smiley: )


Wait, it took you 469 posts to realise this?



I’m responding to your falling off the space walkway death screenshot, dude! :smiley:

Edit: that is, is this specific situation the same as falling off the cliffs in some game I can’t quite recall.


Sorry your rambly sentence structure can sometimes be a bit confusing. I thought you were surprised that this was a Sierra game or something.

I don´t know what specfic game you´re thinking of, but I think all Sierra games (including Space Quest) have these kind of annoying balance acts.

Yes, I´m sure you can fall of cliffs in almost all Sierra games.


Nice boots. Do you still need them?

Also, “Deceleration Trauma” :smile:. Top notch writing on that one too!


Huh, I didn’t know that! :slight_smile:


The language is awesome! :slight_smile:

Yep you ALWAYS have to watch your step! Going back to the very first Kings Quest game where you get eaten by crocodiles when you make a wrong step on the bridge after leaving the castle at the beginning. :slight_smile:


Sure, sure. I’m not so much talking about the sheer possibility of falling (etc. etc.) in my particular memory, but more about the near impossibility of not falling due to the safe path being mere pixels while winding left and right. A particularly egregious example of the wider concept, so to speak.


I´ll make a screenshot of my current situation later. It is pretty much the definition of a balance act!


It seemingly is asking me to take a curve:

But then this happens:

This is on the left on right side of the screen so I´m not even sure which side is worth the effort!


Here’s my memory’s impression of the path along the cliffs, that you actually had to follow. :slight_smile:



Yeah sounds about right.

But the way it looks it could also be a bad hit to the stock market. :laughing: