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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


Hehe, that it could!

I can’t find what I’m looking for, but I did come across this gem (too new):


Hah, great scream! Almost as good as this:


:musical_note: Jaws Theme :musical_note:


I seem to remember the first four Kings Quests all having a ton of stairs, paths, trees, etc. that need pixel perfect walking to get past…


Call Edna instead!


Could be as simple as that. :slight_smile:

I thought those games were average at best in the fun department back in the day; I doubt I finished any of them.


I played most of the King’s Quest games for the first time recently and I found it a real mixed-bag…

KQ2 I thought was great and was one of the most enjoyable and charming adventure games I’ve played, and KQ6 I thought was great too…
KQ1 was fun but a bit of an oddity, KQ4 was good but had lots of frustrating bits…

Then KQ3 was one of the most miserable adventure games I’ve ever played, mostly because of the timer thing in the first half (if it didn’t have that, it would be pretty good)
KQ5 was the only one I played as a kid and I remember having mixed feelings over it - the locations and sense of exploration seemed great, but the actual game was unfair and frustrating


I would agree with that. The quality was up and down, but in the end I thought most of them were just too frustrating to be fun even if they seemed close to pretty cool in principle. But I didn’t play all of them or anything; chances are I never saw KQ2. I do remember that in one of those games (KQ1 or 2/3 or something) there was something like a forest in which you could just keep walking and walking and walking…

King’s Quest 6/Larry 5 and onward are from a different era, mostly for the better imo but of course I’m not talking about bonus features like VGA graphics and voice acting but about less of the frustrating nonsense at the core.

Incidentally, I now know that back in the '90s I got stuck in Larry V soooooooooooo close to the end (in Miami), but I didn’t realize I was almost done. I did enjoy that one, even if it was a bit simplistic and full of “these prove Ron Gilbert right” type cutscenes. At least it didn’t kill you off for no reason or punish you for not performing some action early on iirc.


(at the end of a super shitty day, I´d love to go to actual space now. :expressionless:)


Also I´m not gonna continue until I know if getting mugged by the rat is avoidable/HAS to be avoided or not. Getting substracted points in this game makes me crazy! :dizzy_face:


Sorry you’ve had a shitty day.

It’s necessary.


I´m mainly asking because I could have gone there without getting that reactor thingy from down below, so I don´t know what would have happened in that situation. Now that guy guy steals that thing from me.

I also inserted that transporter thingy where it belongs into in that bigger ship with help of that claw I used above but I can´t seem to climb the ship.

Okay so I get myself mugged then and look if I can´t do anything inside the hollow eye of Optimus Prime.


You should be able to rectify that afterwards.

You will when you do the thing that made me laugh the most about this game :smile:

I’m also going to caveat this by warning you that a) I don’t remember absolutely everything and b) the walkthroughs don’t always have all the detail. So try not to get short with your AI :wink:


Well I enjoyed the little easter egg with the capsule that said Bowman (I already understood that) and HAL (to make it more obvious). Too bad I can´t seem to look at the Tie Fighter wreck.

Mhhh, I´m curious what I can do inside the robot head now.

Okay. Any important warnings?

I gotta admit the controls are more annoying now for some reason. They just don´t react as good as in the other two games. Also going through passages where I cannot see lil Roger for a while it would be really nice if I´d be able to hear footsteps to know if I´m walking at all.

Also everything I did so far I only did because I tried a couple of things but I´m not really sure about the why and my goals and such. :man_shrugging:


Not at this point.

Do you have anything in your inventory?

I think at the moment Roger just wants to get out of there.


Used to have a reactor and wires until eyepatchless Danger Mouse covered me in Batman bubbles. Now I only have the glowing gem from the previous game (a nice touch btw!)


That must’ve been nice.


Yeah, you know…it wasn´t exactly cheese and wine…

If that was an actual hint, it´s gotta be the most cryptic I´ve seen so far! :dizzy_face:


It’s not that cryptic :smirk: