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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


It would be nice if you could get them back, wouldn’t it?


That´s what I´ve been thinking! I keep dropping down to the place where the rats are watching me. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not.



Think, Robin…where do Rats usually hide?
Wall Street, Batman?
Not now, young friend!


I’m left-handed.



Sorry, what were we talking about again?

About me having to retrieve my lost stuff?

Wait…does it have to do something with the giant robot hand?

Never mind, that is a right hand actually.

My brain doesn´t function properly today!



I was just hinting at the left side of the screen :slightly_smiling_face: you’re in the right place otherwise.


It…was…where I found it the first time!

Gotta wrap my brain around that first!

So now when I try to use the wire with the reactor it says “not now”.

I thought it had something to do with the hanging wires on the left side of the screen in the robot head (where the smaller ship is). But doesn´t seem to be the case.


Have you got inside the head?

Also perhaps you don’t need to use those things together.


Aye, through the eye!

Yeah I´d think the reactor alone should work somehow when I connect it to something else.

Auxiliary Reactor is just an incredibly unspecific description for something I´m not sure what it actually does!


Yes that’s true :laughing:

So there’s one more thing you need to do before you can use those things. Did you say you were trying to climb something? Is there something that might help you do that?


I was trying to climb the bigger ship on the left side. I´d just love to reach the hatch but it doesn´t look like I can from this side. Also when I want to get into the hole of the smaller one it keeps says I couldn´t climb it from “down here” or something. Those things are so small I´d totally climb them in RL! :smirk:

There are also those huge things that look like cheeseballs on sticks, but I have no idea what they are supposed to be (but they make me hungry for cheeseballs on sticks!).





I have no mouth, but I must eat you!


I’ve just remembered something dangerous, but you probably know about it. Just be careful what you pick up.

Also you’re right, you know. That thing totally looks shallow enough to climb #perspective


:scream: I don´t…think…so!

It´s making fun of me for wanting to climb it! Must be a girl. :smirk: :cry:


Hm. Just remember you have flesh.

Must indeed be a girl. Definitely not a lad, huh.


Something trying to eat me? :grimacing:

Doesn´t look like I can´t pick up anything here anyway. And I´m gonna mute the music now because it´s starting to annoy me.



Some kind of track, huh? :thinking:


Nope, sillier than that. It’s in a different area.

Oh, I was thinking you’d done that bit. I think that’s the track you were unwisely trying to walk on earlier.

The AI needs to charge overnight now, but she’ll boot up again tomorrow.


Oh, that makes sense! Yeah that is a hint that I had to place the grabber there. Yeah I did that.

Well thanks, I try for a bit and get back to you tomorrow!


I still don´t know what that could be! :weary: