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I dreamed that at work instead of too sweet Elstars we switched to delicious Granny Smiths.

In other news, I started using the TKL keyboard + numpad I bought to use at work. The relation between this dream and that event seems too large to ignore.


I had a long long dream today, but I don’t remember it :frowning: I’ll just write what I remember, hoping to find connections while I write.

I was in my childhood home. There was a pit bull, my daughters were scared, so I began playing with him, but he kept biting my hand, so I shouted “I’ll count to three and if by three you’re still biting me, you’re grounded”, and the dog stopped at two.

I was in the audience of some kind of late-night talk show where Rowan Atkinson was the host, but also the guest, and he began doing some kind of puppetry show with shadows and stuff and we were all entertained, then instead of Atkinson there was this punk-looking 30-something guy which began describing martial art techniques and kind of floated on the stage instead of moving. I was amazed but I also thought it was a trick, something hidden in his soles that allowed him to slide that way, and he also climbed. a wall without moving his legs, that was cool. After the show, I was discussing it with a colleague of mine, and he said “well, that was just for kids, it was pretty clear what was going on”, and I said “oh, I didn’t notice anything, I tend to suspend my disbelief a lot when I’m in an audience”, and he said “you didn’t see the enormous white cable attached to his back that was lifting and shifting him around?” and I embarrassedly admitted that, no, I completely missed it.


I had a really epic dream but woke up and fell asleep again in between, so I can only remember snippets. I know that a few forum people were in it, and the main bit I remember was being on holiday and deciding to swim out to this big red rocky, deserty area. When I got there loads of people were fleeing it and saying there were termites. I then saw all these massive giant ants wriggling towards me on the sand and started running back to the water. I remembered thinking I’d be fine once in the water, but we all had to keep climbing out because there were intermittent banks to cross all the way back.

Then at the next bank I saw @Guga trying to flee them! He was on a kind of body board though, trying to paddle in the sand. I wondered if this was the best choice of transport, but didn’t want to be rude.

I think I woke up then.


Just listened to the radio this morning:
“if you scratch your hair just woke up, you’ll forget your dream.”


Today’s comic at smbc is pretty appropriate.


Hahaha. It’s for the greater good!


Very interesting dream, from mobile until tomorrow, probably gonna forget all, must write notes.

Dystopian setup, great rusty chamber where lowest class workers forced to row like slaves while wearing AC ChievoVerona jerseys, at end of day must dive into another enormous rusty pool and swim to the exit, thousands of people together, some always drowned. I was lowest class. After swim, small locker room where we dry ourselves and then meet our wives, who always wait worried that they might not see us come back, and it was already late night.
I once exit the chamber at lunch break to go to the city leaving naked to avoid getting caught because my clothes would be wet and I’m naked in the women’s toilet of a tank station and the walls are so low that I can see the other stalls and I fear people might discover me but then my wife brings me clothes and I can go. When I come back work I get scolded but not for going to town which would have been worst since only middle class people are allowed, but for taking a break.
Then a time travelling Arnold Schwarzenegger appears dresses in medieval armour and announces he needs a kid to become king of his reign in the past and all the workers there then after work bring their sons for the selection and they’re all so desperate hoping their sons can have a better life even if 600 years back in the past, and I see parents cry when their kids get rejected and it’s all so sad.
There were bits like a colleague in the locker room that hands me my bathing suit and I say that’s not mine, even if it looked the same, and I had mine in another locker so we began suspecting something wrong was going on; a colleague of mine who had to throw away his orange shoes because he broke them and bought an identical pair but blue and everyone was surprised; I meet an old friend who is middle class and she introduces me to her second daughter, which looks like a very slightly younger version than the older sister, despite the fact that I know that the older is 5 and the younger can’t be more than 3, and I think “wow, this must be what people feel when they see my daughters and ask me if they are twins”; the daughters had clearly a black father, but the mother was blonde and her husband was white, but I did not ask for details; there was also something about an underground parking that was important for the definition of this society and its class structure but who remembers now.


A mix of many movies, I see.


Sounds like you have been playing some video games…


Like this one:


These days the Grim Reaper doesn’t just sneak up behind you, he slides. :grimacing:


New game! New game!!

It’s called “find movies references in @guga’s dreams”.

Ok… let’s submit them blurred, eventually we’ll see who can get more of them.

Les Visiteurs
The sword in the stone
Shwarzenegger himself…


Reading the part about Arnold and time-travel I thought…

The Terminator







I can really hear him say just the word “alternate”. :laughing:




I had the “coming late to work” dream again.

This time I had an appointment at 16:45, so there was no chance of staying late at work. I told my wife “maybe I can go back to work after the appointment”, but she said “it’s going to be finished at 20, it’s too late then”. And I couldn’t call in sick because I was sick the day before. So I entered the office and everyone was just waiting for me. “Here he is”, someone said, nobody was working, one of them told me “they’ve been waiting for you”, so I directly went to the boss’ office where other colleagues were in front of a projector showing a spreadsheet.

One of them complained that I had 42 days of absence. “That’s impossible”, I said, “they’re around 7”, and he pointed at the screen and said “the data is here”, and I gave a quick look and said “you can’t count vacation time, it’s my right to take vacation time, and these ones aren’t full days but I went absent for just one hour” and I woke up before they answered my objections.

It ruined the mood of the dream, where I was in Cagliari harbor on a motorbike that began running on water to save time and I said to the man driving it “you know, as a kid I’ve always thought, if your car is light enough and goes fast enough, it could be able to skid on water, but everyone told me it was impossible, now I know I was right and it feels good”.

And my mom had invited me and my wife to an all you can eat sushi bar called “yellow and astonished” that cost 25 euros per person.


I had a dream where I and an old friend of mine were discussing the sexual habits of the Mortal Kombat ninjas.