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Say you did the Scumm Bar theme, please! :laughing:


I’m going in a month. I’m thinking of buying some kind of MI-themed t-shirt before going there :smiley:


Oh, yes! Both the scumm bar and the main theme!
Really, no-one paid any attention. Except my son, who said “yeah, I know. But I am much further than that in the game”

Another thing I have noticed is that the scumm bar theme is easier to remember than the main theme.


Going out now for my 3rd 5km this week

Just saying…


Think about our other thread! Post there constantly what you are seeing during your run:


I’m currently on hiatus. I might be going for a jog today, but I think I’ll just wait until I come back from my Disneyland vacation to start again. I miss running so much :frowning:


Can’t you run to Disneyland?


Yes, what @guga said: run from the parking/hotel to the security gates. Run to every attraction. Keep rides like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars until after 20:00 and run from one to the other so you only have to queue for 1 to 5 minutes max and run all across the park (preferably with children dragged along or in your neck for bonus style points)! (That’s how I did it last month :wink: )
… and still be in time for the fireworks!

Even if you just walk, you’d be amazed at how many paces you take in DLP


Aren’t there real Disneyland “speedrun” competitions…? :thinking:


Well, there is actually a jogging course around the Disney Village, around 4.5k. They gave me a map last year (there are two sub-routes also), it seemed nice. However, I’m not planning on bringing extra shoes and my running outfit, so I’m not running. I know I’ll be walking a lot, and sometimes I’ll be walking with at least one child on my shoulders. But I’ll also eat like there’s no tomorrow :frowning:

While I was searching for this course I found out there’s a running weekend in September. A half-marathon inside the two parks and the surrounding village. I’d like to participate next year, but you have to book a stay (you can’t just subscribe to the run) and I don’t think we’ll go next year also. Maybe in two years.


Until you see what they’re charging for it :wink:


That’s what running sandals are for. /grins

Clickbait here; hands off Discourse


I can’t play this video…


Uhm, that’s because it’s not a video. It’s just Discourse being a moron.


Yes, you can stack them!


Pics or it didn’t happened!


It helps when they are several years apart :slight_smile:


Okay, listen…to keep reading this is bugging even me and I guess that means I have to pick up poor Kate from the hospital she´s in now because of the several heart attacks you´ve given her with that. :ambulance:


I have full board. I’ve already been charged for that, so… I’ll eat like there’s no tomorrow :smiley:


If not yet done, you should make reservations upfront. I’ve had some bad experience with half/full board before, where the restaurants in the park were either closed or fully booked (when I tried to book reservations at the informations desk for the coming days upon arrival)
The international number you need to call up to 2 months before, is a b**ch though… I spent almost 60 minutes holding in queue there once. In the end I retried and selected French instead of English to get through quicker. Calling the hotel didn’t help, because they forwarded me to the same number without even hearing me out :frowning: