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“I was saying Guuuu-urns!”


Because talk is cheap. :wink:


Yeah, I see.





Good we talked about this!


AdventureX have given a release date for the tickets: Monday 10th September, at 11am BST.

I’m not sure how many will be available - most of the tix were sold during the Kickstarter campaign, according to another tweet from a few weeks ago. Members of the British Library also get early access to ticket sales, but I’m not a member.


I’m not going to make this now unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face: it’s likely it will clash with something so I don’t want to commit to it. Thanks for keeping an eye out though @tasse-tee :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope we get the chance to do a big meet-up one day, though, Cheers style. You know, with more people. And without the crazy waitress. And none of us know the barman. You get the idea.


Makes me feel better for me not making it, otherwise I would be really disappointed now!

Ohh, but can we keep the karaoke machine?



Haha, aye :grin: TWP forum choir would be badass. Or just bad.


I…uhm…mean I still do think it´s a pity I won´t get to meet @tasse-tee of course!

:sweat: Sheesh, a man gotta watch all directions, right?


Again, likewise!


One is generally enough!


Well, I was only gonna go if other people from the forum would be there too.
So I guess you’re not missing anything in the end :wink:


Since it’s sure that some of us will be at the Festival in Cervignano, why don’t we start from there for a forum meeting too? It’s not so far from Regensburg, at least two hundred kilometers less than Naples :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahahahahaha…yeah in relative terms.


I’m not free at the end of September. But I can reach this location, by flying to Venice (1 transfer) and then getting a train from there.


I picture something like this


Cool! Turns out they filmed those couple of scenes during a few days in the summer of 1988. The same year I´ve been there the first (and only) time! :scream:


I thought I recognised you in the background!