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I´m the curly blonde kid, shitting his pants.


Ah yes! It said so, right in the credits :
Blonde kid #2 … Milan Fahrnholz


Who was Blonde kid #1 ? :angry:


me of course! :joy:


Actually, you are ALL Number One :wink:

(For anyone unaware, this song became a meme)


This reminds me of a certain quizup game I utterly failed recently. :smirk:


Oh yeah? Which category?


The one about fictional places we both sucked at. I think one of them refered to Lazy Town.


A picture of three forum users, met in Cervignano: @Festarossa , me, @LostTrainDude


Now that`s a dude who looks just like his avatar! :slight_smile:


Which one? :grin:


I was talking about @LostTrainDude because this was obviously the first time I saw him, while I already know what you other two look like. :grin:


Otherwise people would not recognize me!


You look significantly slimmer in picture. Your avatar is fatty…


Yeah actually it looks a bit more like a certain recent oscar winner.



Ok, maybe @ZakPhoenixMcKracken doesn’t look like his avatar, but he definitely looks like @ZakMcKracken


Yes! :open_mouth:


Is he unusually tall for an italian or is Zak really small? :thinking:


Does he have an unusually tiny head for an italian, or is Zak really big headed? :thinking:


Didn´t know italians were famous for being big headed.