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Didn’t know italians were famous for being short :blush:


It´s true though. Dunno if a general tendendy to being shorter is true but you are definitly famous for it.


Anyway average height is only two centimeters less in Italy than Germany… :yum:


Are we?
Famous for that? I really didn’t know. Is it in Germany, or in the whole world?

Well, we’re quite lucky. I can think of a lot of veeeeery bad things we could be famous for, instead.

Anyway, if I had to think about population being famous for being short, I’d think about south east asian populations. If I had to bet about different heights in Europe, I’d say that northern countries are taller and mediterranean countries shorter, but with a small difference. Enough to be statistically significant, surely not enough to be eye-naked-significant.

So you made me think it was a good idea to check Wikipedia, and it confirms the impression I had:
Italian males have an average height similar to white americans, and slightly inferior (2 cm less) compared to northern europeans (germans included). Far eastern populations have average heights significantly lower (10 or more centimeters less).


Not sure but I think you could look up the clichee for the short italian really easily. Maybe it also has to do with italo american actors who are usually really smalll (like Pacino).


My dear friend, I’m afraid the average italian guy, who is tall 177 cm, has the very likeness of the one depicted in your pic. :smile:

Moustache apart, the moustache is a stereotype. Nowadays it is much more common among germans.


I don´t know anyone my age with a moustache.


Nooooo, I’m 1,77 meter tall, I like pizza, bell peppers, basil, garlic, onions, eggplants and a glass of red wine, and I do that gesture… I miss only the moustache to become the italian stereotype, I’m doomed!!! :scream: :laughing:


Give it a few weeks. :bearded_person:


Now we expect the next avatar from you to be like the guy in the picture. You’re from Bavaria, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, and I haven´t dressed like that since I was a baby(and minus the hat).


No, beards or a shaved face are common, but no moustaches.


There is also a great tendency to a stubble. Completly smooth men faces are rare at the moment actually.


Famous is an odd way to put it, but southern Europeans in general (not Italians specifically) are clearly shorter, some 6 cm on average according to statistics (~183 vs ~177).

It’s also something you definitely notice. After returning home from a week or two in America or Italy you feel oddly short for a day or two, even though at 1.91 you’re still among the taller people. That doesn’t happen after a couple of weeks in Germany.




I´ve recently been told that 5 foot 5 is slightly below the average of england…


For women you mean?


Sure, forgot to mention that.


Back on topic: 2nd Thimblecon.
First edition in 1987. Second edition in…? And where?


It is also true! I have actually lost about 10kg since that avatar was drawn :slight_smile: So, thank you! Some people told me I now look like Gordon Freeman, although, you know, it must be something around the eyes.