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Are you always carrying a crowbar?


Oh wait, that’s one of the other differences we have :smile:!



Yep… since Caesar defeated the Belgians, we are saying that the Romans are small but feisty men.
True story!

But not minus the beer?


NEVER minus the beer!


That’s why we say “Sardinia is not Italy” :stuck_out_tongue: Sardinians sure are famous for being short (at least, in Italy). But we’re catching up with the nation’s average.


How about meeting up online :desktop_computer: wink wink nudge nudge?


Like in Second Life? :grinning:


Ahhhh…2005! :slight_smile:


Why? What year are we in?


It’s the year gazillion! :open_mouth: :robot: :calendar:


Oh no! My library book fine is going to be sooooo bad…


Wait what?


The date they made that emoji?


But THAT particular date! :open_mouth:


Oh yeah! :open_mouth:


Yeah, the could have done a calendar page with a whole month on it, or just squares with numbers in them without it being a certain month! But no, they went for that date… :thinking:


About a year and a half ago it still existed so it probably still does! :wink:


It definitely did a year ago because I went to a conference about it! Just not considered ‘hi-tech’ anymore I guess.

Yes, I’m aware I just used the term ‘hi-tech’. Busy day.


Oh, really? What kinds of things did they discuss about it?