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Just about made it! :wink:

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It was part of a general health technology conference. The talk was about using spaces like Second Life to help people with disorders like anxiety or who don’t feel comfortable socialising in the real world, and also ways for people to ask healthcare professionals questions about whatever illness they have without having to go out to a medical centre. It was interesting.


I originally thought you were querying that it had today’s date wrong. I did think that was a bit er… stupid of you :wink:


First you forget my birthday and now you are turning it back around to me? :weary:


I didn’t ‘forget’ your birthday - it’s just not ingrained on the inside of my brain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aha, so you didn´t even remember it in the first place. :smirk:

That is WORSE!


I know it’s in March. Guess it’s not been long enough to memorise it precisely :woman_shrugging:


I always say the first day of spring, that helps most people.

(and hey I´m only kidding! :wink: )


Perhaps we could just meet up in this game

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My heart just jumped, because this thread just bumped!

Thanks for bumping it though, even though a little early. :wink:


I’m currently sitting at a bar with @Ema. Does this count as a TWP meetup?


Are you talking about what you did last week and what are you going to do next week?


Or does any of you kinda starting to sound like a, you know, a broken record or something?

And…how’s the weather?

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Well, we did talk about the dubbing project, but instead of weeks we’re talking months :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably @ZakPhoenixMcKracken but we didn’t call him, so we wouldn’t know.

Surprisingly fine. Not a single cloud in sight, the perfect weather to sit in an office all day for a training course :angry: