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Anyway, when I cosplayed Teddy the hotel kid, on last September, I found an eBay user who sold a boombox very similar to that one showed in Thimbleweed Park. Still working perfectly.


it’s not empty, stupid Discourse


But these are not the “big” boomboxes. You can still buy these small ones even with a cassette deck. For example this is available for round about 40 Euros in Germany via Amazon:

But that’s not a “real” boombox that is able to blow your head from your shoulders if you turn the volume to the max…


This is just the right size:


I hadn’t noticed before that your shirt matches the original perfectly, pixel to pixel. That’s pretty dedicated!


Huh? How did I get here? Oh… we went off-topic again, didn’t we… :sweat_smile:


Yeah! We made off-topic great again!


Ok. So wearing only hoodies and Ts won’t draw any frowns in Central London? At least the beach wrap skirt covered a bit more below the waist, but okay!
Crazy Brits…
But then again…

@milanfahrnholz, I hope you can still cancel that order for the miniskirt.


Nah, I was gonna get one for myself anyway…


Yeah, but twice???
Isn’t that even a bit weird for you?


Not even close.


So… after dear old @Gffp talked about gathering and this topic was linked, I thought: what would the best point be, if we were to meet?

So I fired up to take a look at what would the midpoint be for our European forumers, or at least the ones for which I roughly know their position. I know @tasse-tee and @PiecesOfKate come from the UK - I supposed London, I know the cities for @milanfahrnholz, @Ema, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken and @Gffp (and obviously me) and for @Frenzie and @Sushi I just put in the nation. I’d have added more, but I don’t remember which of you are European and where do you come from (@Someone is probably from Germany, isn’t he?).

So, it turned out that the midpoint is very near to Freiburg im Breisgau.



Ok, tasse-tee, try to contain your excitement… :star_struck:


Poor @yrface :frowning:



Yeah, that’s right, let’s include him too in the computation with geomidp…
Wait a moment, ahem, is there some sort of ahem… platform for tourists in the middle of Atlantic Ocean? :stuck_out_tongue:




Come on guys, prepare the oxygen tanks!

We are going scuba diving!


Anyway, to be serious, adding @yrface shows London area as midpoint, which is absolutely good, since the charming city is so well linked to everywhere (five airports, many low-cost flights…) and in November there’s also adventureX

as suggested by @LowLevel

Now dates are confirmed (10th e 11th November)