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So @PiecesOfKate, what’s your waist size?
(Hey I am still down in that hole, I am allowed to ask inappropriate questions)


There´s that many japanese, huh? According to my personal experience at least half of them are squatting near the burial chamber inside the great pyramid of gizah…the other half should be in Neuschwanstein…damn, I did it again. But I dislike tourists no matter where from…

Not quite yet…

Now I did!


Haha… how convenient that the hole lets you take those liberties! Uh oh now I’m inadvertently making puns too :neutral_face:

I’m not sure what to make of that skirt. Given that not many people outside of a convention would know what it is, it’d probably come across quite strange.


No problem, just tell them:


I’d say you’re crazy daring if people saw you wear it on the train to the convention. But that’s why they invented pareos ! (Translation for the rest of the guys: beach wrap skirts)

On the other hand, you’d be the only one on the planet that could really pull it of wearing it. I mean, a)skirt, b) logo.

That or a skirt with pieces of eight ( Guybrush’s booty) on your boot… erm… on your ass! (Phew! Nice recovery!)


Wearing that in Central London would also draw frowns.

I think I’ll stick with hoodies and Ts.


No problem:


Gotta love Redbubble :slight_smile:


The question is: Is that legal?


Let´s be honest. If she´d ever be part of a forum meeting, she has to wear one of those!

Tomboy spotted!


But that would make it harder to spy on you all first.

What would be amusing is if we all wore things associated with other forum members, and we all had to guess who was who! Oh wait, there’s a slight flaw in my plan there…

My favourite toy as a child was a two-tier car garage :flushed:


No, no, no. I would like to see @milanfahrnholz in a Homer Simpson costume. :wink:

That’s unfair! I ever wanted one of those but never got one! :disappointed_relieved:


You´re at least as ripe for psychoanalysis as I am! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Easy. White shirt, blue trousers. Done!


In my team at work we used the website DrawNames to do a secret santa. We could use something like that to pick a member for each person, so that we don’t end up with five Kate imposters and no Milans, or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

And someone needs to carry a boombox with the Hostile Takeover Song on repeat. So that we don’t all end up approaching random non-forum people and making them confused!


Ok, but where do I get a boombox … ???

(But I still have audio cassettes with annoying songs from the 80s…)


That would be fun. Especially when @Ema enters the venue on a *beeping* hot air balloon.


:grimacing: I did it again… Gotta be more careful about wording my posts, haha!
Not sure where you can find ones that don’t need plugging in to the mains.


I think I’ll have to look at eBay. In the last few month I’ve seen only an oversized speaker without a cassette deck in an electronic market. In addition that thing doesn’t seemed to be very portable. For our conspirative forum meeting with tin foil hats we have to get a real boombox from the 80s. :slight_smile:

Oh, wait: This box is still available - but again without a cassette deck. :frowning:


If been searching myself high and low for that classic 80s model. No way to get one these days.


And most of those would have to be male, too!