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What are you listening to right now?


Maybe it’s so they can text each other and say ‘we should deffo do some defo this arvo’ without any misinterpretation.



(Don’t ask why…)


Because it’s sunny summery weather, perfect for sitting outside in the park and listening to a brass band playing :smile: :notes:



Jeesh, the left/right is a bit… overdone.


N… Ehrm. Yes! Yes! Of course! :wink:

Actually I’ve searched for a short weird trumped or horn sound. If you search on YouTube you’ll get things like the music from Ernst Mosch or such things:


Ok, now I’m inclined to ask… why? :smiley:


Need it for a theater project.


There is a guy named Corey Lewandowski who might have one for you…



Compared to Kentucky Fried Movie it´s a bit underrated, but I still love it! :slight_smile:


How is the weather (right now)

Down The Arcade

Grandfather Clock


I just bought The Downward Spiral. I was never a fan of NIN but Hurt was used at the end of a moving episode of Rick and Morty that I watched last night, and I remembered that I really like that song. And I used to play Closer (crowd-pleaser!) a fair bit when I DJed. So let’s see if I like the other stuff…


I´m kind of amazed they used the original instead of the Johnny Cash cover. It´s like everybody had forgotten who it was by. Even Reznor himself said “It´s HIS song now”. And even if I sing along to the Johnny Cash version I still say “crown of SHIT” instead of “thorns”.

The instrumental “a warm place” appears in Natural Born Killers.

It´s a while since I heard the whole album but I remember liking March Of The Pigs, too.

Oh, you too huh? :smiley:


I’m not. They probably think it’s more recognised among their audience.

That’s on the album I got, as is Burn which was also on the soundtrack apparently.

Only at uni and sometimes the local pub, heheh. Did you too then?


Yeah, very rarely and in really small places. Was fun, though. Posting playlists on Spotifiy really isn´t really the same. But when I do the order is kind of inspired by what I would have played.


Yeah I do that too :slightly_smiling_face: If I’m making a playlist for a house party or something I spend hours shuffling things about!