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What are you listening to right now?


I’ve been wondering why there’s a weird ‘e’ icon next to every single track. Then it finally dawned on me it stands for ‘explicit’ :laughing:


Oh please what is so explict about “I want to … you like an animal…”

forget what I said…


I’ve always been a bit unclear about that lyric. I mean, does he want to beep them like he is an animal, or like they’re the animal?


Well, it´s just a common saying.

I guess it means a bit of both and mostly refers to the position most animals other than humans prefer and we named after canines.

Plus hard and fast I guess.


Mm hm. Yes. Most likely.



I´m sorry. Obviously I am broadly generalising. I mean the difference between humans and animals is that there is something else our race has come up with that even the church is fine with. Besides that everyone to their liking.

Why am I still talking about this? :cold_sweat:


I don’t know, but I’m still not sure I understand - maybe you could explain a little more :laughing:


Sure, as if I wasn´t shizophrenic enough already talking with @tasse-tee about complicated political issues in one thread while I´m arguing the definition of animalistic sex and the human uniqueness of the missionary position in the other.

I swear I was just this close to write “europe is f@!#ed from behind” in the other thread…



I like A Warm Place. It reminds me of the stuff they did for Twin Peaks (like when bad Coop goes to the log place).


Yeah, it certainly is reminiscent of Reznor´s soundtrack work. And it also is a welcome change of mood after the assault most of the tracks up to that are.


And lo, it was foretold that The End would be triggered by an identical sentence in two threads, each a simultaneous off-topic reference to the opposite thread…

Don’t go starting the Apocalypse now plz Milan


That´s like only about the third time this week I get told this.


You get me closer to crap! :musical_note:


This is a song? :thinking::open_mouth:


That´s not even an insider, pay attention!

Crap is a concept by which we meassure our pain :musical_note:


In Kate’s world. The lyric is actually ‘closer to God’ :wink:


Still don’t get it - maybe because I’m hungry and can’t think properly at the moment … :slight_smile:


In Kate´s world there exists a movie series called Crap´s Not Dead, the Beach Boys song is called Crap Only Knows and there is a book called “Are You There Crap? It´s Me Margaret” and is a story about a little girl suffering from constipation.


I don’t like blaspheming for the sake of others (a habit I got into) so I substitute ‘God’ with ‘crap’ :slightly_smiling_face: (it used to be ‘lemon’)

:joy: :joy: