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What are you listening to right now?


Here in Belgium tickets are cheaper under 26 and over 65. It’s a perfectly normal question if you look twenty-something, I’d say.


Is that a photo based one? I did one of those and it put me at five years younger. I was quite chuffed about that.


Yeah, but Microsoft also has the same program capable of doing it live on camera input (from webcam or phone). I’m not sure where to find it right now though.


long story… involving Italian male models, smurfs and internet porn…
you might have seen it yesterday if you actually read posts rather than just liking 50 a day. :wink:


Well excuse me for not catching the reference to rule 34 just by mentioning the number 34. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, rule 34 is so 2005. :smiley:

That’s kind of the Family Guy model of jokes, which consists of suggesting or referencing the idea of a nearby joke. :wink:


TM @milanfahrnholz


Yes, I would like to know, too. :slight_smile:


I’ll write the next piece tomorrow in a new topic. In case of a 50/50 split I’ll decide. :wink:


There you go! I changed my vote to remove the 50/50. Start thinking…




Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry


22 two bloody years. I feel so old.



(I swear it goes out of sync halfway through though)


I will deffo double check that!

What a stupid word…deffo…hmpf…


I only put one F in it, because there’s only one in ‘definitely’. But you know, play with fire, if you like.


Google defo…then google deffo.


I get the same for both. Hurrumph, stupid language.


I seemed to get more for the double f (which seemed closer to the faster way it is spoken) for “defo” I got more stuff like “deforestation”…sure. That´s how the cool woodchoppers say it.