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What are you listening to right now?


Using the lords name, in vain. I get it.

Actually I don´t, but what do I know? :man_shrugging:


Yeah. My cousin told me off once and it kind of stemmed from there. I was brought up Catholic (now lapsed) so I genuinely feared God’s wrath at the time, too.

It still comes out verbally as ‘God’, thinking about it. I guess I don’t censor it that instinctively!

Anyway enough about me.




I´m kind of the opposite. I think the first time I heard the word “blasphemy” was in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (the movie) so I can say “Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pogostick!” whenever the goddamn hell I want.

But when I say phrases like “thank god” it´s a bit weird since the words don´t really mean anything to me, because I´m not literally doing that. But things like that are so deeply rooted in our language we still say it, I guess.


Don’t you say regularly “Luja, Sakrament no amal…” or something?


Luja sog I, luja!

Yeah there are tons of catholic bavarian curses (duh!).

My favourite is “Kreizkruzefix” which a) is redundant and b) is regulary shortened to “zwefix!” which I acutally say quite a lot, because at this point it really doesn´t mean anything anymore and I like the way it sounds.


Is there an English version or at least one with subtitles (from “Ein Münchner im Himmel”)?


It would be great if there was. But I guess parts like that would be hard to translate.

Though come to think of it, that story would work almost the same if you changed Aloysious to an irish man…:thinking:

But it is interesting you instantly used that, because absolutly no one here says just “luja” it is exclusivly from that short (or original short story by Ludwig Thoma) because that´s that joke, that he got so bored he cannot even be bothered to say the full word anymore. :joy:


I could tell you the boring truth, OR I could say I was ambushed by NINJAS!!! :face_with_head_bandage:*

*that is a face with head bandage but in context it just seems racist…


I’m currently listening to this


So you´re either at Stonehenge or in front of Dr Fred´s Mansion?


Almost correct! But they’re not crickets actually.


Oh no!!! :scream:
What did you do to make them angry, Milan?!?!


To be honest the truth is much closer to this:


Ohhhhhh, there is an 80s love songs compilation on spotify! You had me at 80s love songs, spotify!


That reminded me to carry on listening to your YouTube power ballads mix.

I know it wasn’t your choice, but what annoys me about YouTube is not being able to switch to others windows/apps without it pausing. I’m hoping the new YouTube music app might improve that.


Oh yeah, youtube isn´t really good for audio only on the phone, because you cannot let the screen go black like you can with (other) audio players.


Yes, that’s so annoying! Sometimes I just want to listen to an interview while doing other things.

Currently listening to the WTF podcast, with David Sedaris today.


This is my second attempt, first time I cracked up way earlier than I´m supposed to (didnt even make it half way before totally losing it).


:joy: :clap: :clap: :clap: