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What are you listening to right now?


You can listen to it, and watch this with no audio if you like:

No idea if it syncs up, though.


Start playing your recording as soon as the video reaches 0:04, and it syncs up amazingly well! :star_struck:
(until the last part :joy: )


Funny, I had a similar experience with that exact same song in Smallville whenever it was that I still watched that… I quit by season 3 at the latest, and like a decade later I found out it was still on! :rofl:

Except that was the cover… basically it reminded me of the NIN song which I like much better.


The advantage of the original is that it´s not as ridiciously overused as the Cash version.


I made a Spotify list over a year ago, called “Rad” (no idea where I got the idea for the name). That’s what I’m listening to right now.


That´s really great! Fits well with my list!


Now I’m listening to this :notes:


Literally having this on repeat.

(I think this was also in a wrestling montage on glow).


You got me listening to YouTube’s mediocre sound quality for a few minutes there until an ad scared the shit out of me at 50 times the volume.

I switched to Alice Cooper’s Love it to Death album. Locally, of course. Ergo, Caught in a Dream.


Black Juju already.

It’s good switching keycaps music.

The QWERTY thing happened by accident at first (just on that row) but then I decided to do it last for the contrast.


Extractor fan vs Gary Moore.


Still Got The Blows


Who is winning?


Dinner, I hope! :yum:


Extractor Fan Live.


He died in a bizarre cooking accident…


Involving the red hot chili peppers?


At least the most bizarre thing that ever happened to Chad Smith was looking like Will Ferrell.



If you’re in Detroit, you are required to listen to Aretha right now.